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8 Responses to “Contact us”

  • Elice Shin:

    hi! I saw your ad from Money facebook group, I would like to take some pregnancy photos. Usually how long will it takes and how much? I would like to take photos after 9 June, is 11 June pm available? Please reply me via email, thank you.

  • Fung Ivy:

    你好, 我係肥天使使媽媽呀, 唔Ok張相No.285, 請Send回另1張比我吖, 唔該晒.

  • Hoi Nap SIU:

    by referral of Cardiac, I would like to invite you and your team to be my wedding photographer. My day is on 12 Jan 2012. It will be great to work out a plan together. I am able to drop by your office in your free time.

    Looking forward for a meet.

    Hoi Nap

  • Melody:

    您好呀, 我係 facebook Money group 架..我見到好多人都讚你影相好”正”, 所以, 都想搵你影相呀..請問, 如果影室外, 幾多錢呀? 同埋, 影幾耐到呀? (我個 BB 而家 10 個月大) 等你回覆..唔該哂!

  • kelly:

    how much is a family photo package of 3 persons? what items are included? can you give me the details? thanks and pls reply via my email.

  • Remon Fernandez:

    If you are looking for video post production then please reply us for more discussion.

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