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Penasaran seperti apa pesona Refal Hady? Berikut potret ganteng pemeran Bian di Film Hochzeitsvertrag yang dirangkum dari berbagai sumber, Selasa (27 and 8/2019). You know what no one needs to see? A daily countdown to your wedding. No matter how excited I am about your next wedding, I don`t need to be reminded every day that it`s only “276 days before!” Apparently, there`s an app for this, so if this kind of countdown is needed, download ASAP and you do. in private. Don`t post your engagement photo with the wedding hashtag you want to use. Nothing says you`ve been sitting in this square since the second date. A hashtag for early marriage is the modern equivalent of scribbling your first name with the name of your crush on your notebook without ever talking about it. Below are some guidelines for marital media covering the entire wedding season; The best way to follow them or risk in screenshot in a Mean Girls group chat – who would just want to be secretly invited to your wedding! As “The Engagement Post” is your first wedding pledge you need to follow, it`s important to set the right tone. I know that once the wedding photos arrive, it`s tempting to share them all and remind us that their big day, which has just been #SevenMonthsAgo! Of course not.

Put em in an album and take it for the grandchildren, or share a voting photo on your birthday. To be honest, the wedding hashtag has always confused me a little bit. Who are these hashtags for? I think you`re already following the people who are invited to your wedding, and many of them follow each other, so they won`t see all the beautiful pictures of you feeding the cakes to your new fiancée? The hashtag is for foreigners and people who have not been invited. I think we can all admit to clicking on a hashtag and going down the rabbit hole of a wedding to which we were not invited; and is not a little strange not to have been at this wedding, but always to know that the heart-shaped cake is actually little red teeny velvet cupcakes (the groom`s favorite taste!) and the godmother sang “Fields of Gold” for her first dance (her godfather is Sting, comfortable). With these notes in mind, go out and grab cakes, and throw away the flowers, and all the traps of the season. After all, people love love, so share the highlights of the 14 weddings you`re about to attend this summer.

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